Thursday, 4 October 2007

Open letter to the Commonwealth Decision Makers

Finally, you have a chance to say if you don't want the Games in Glasgow. Sign the Open letter over at "We Don't Back the Bid" - here's the text of the letter:

"Open Letter to Commonwealth Games Decision Makers

The Commonwealth Games is being used by Glasgow City Council to sell off greenspaces, and to provide a justification to unsustainably redevelop the city in ways which will damage or destroy communities.

It is being used as an excuse by the council to demolish large areas of social housing to replaces these homes with private housing few can afford.

The bid for the 'Games has not led to the council investing in new sports facilities. In fact the revers has been true as many football pitches, parks and areas of green space continue to be eroded to make way for private housing.

Nobody asked the people of Glasgow if we wanted this. We the undersigned, certainly do not!

We call on those making the decision on which city finally wins the 'Games, to join with us and reject Glasgow's bid.

For the people of Glasgow, for the sake of our greenspaces, for the health of our communities, and for the future of our homes, please ensure Glasgow's bid for the Commonwealth Games is turned down!

We, the undersigned, reject the bid."

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