Just one year after Glasgow’s showpiece football facilitiy was opened the main entrance is starting to crumble.

Toryglen Regional Football Centre was hailed as a vital bargaining tool in the city’s 2014 Commonwealth Games bid.

But the main access to the centre began to fall apart two months ago – and bosses have still not repaired the steps.

Regulars who use the facility say the fluorescent cones and hazard tape surrounding the entrance are an “embarrassment”.

Tom McQueen, whose seven-a-side team regularly meet at Toryglen, said: “This is meant to be a shining beacon to the rest of the country but having the steps broken for so long is an embarrassment.

“It may seem like a trivial thing but it’s the very first thing visitors see and it’s not exactly subtle, with the cones and the tape.”

Tom’s teammate Kevin Frew, 29, added: “This is an amazing facility and we’re lucky to have it but it doesn’t inspire much confidence when you can’t even get up the front steps.

“It’s only been open a year – you’d think keeping it all in one piece would be a priority.”

When it was opened last April former Scotland manager George Burley said it was the “way forward for Scottish football”. And the £15.7million facility was also praised by football legend Kenny Dalglish.

Toryglen is the first full-size, indoor pitch in Scotland. It was hailed as being a benchmark for other Scottish sport facilities. The centre includes indoor and outdoor pitches and facilities and is part of the Scottish Football Association’s action plan for youth football.

It has a full-size indoor synthetic pitch, a rugby training area and room for 700 spectators. And it features three full-size floodlit synthetic pitches, a full-size grass pitch, a floodlit synthetic five-a-side court and a goalkeepers’ training area. It is expected to be a training location for the 2012 Olympics.

Culture and Sport, which runs the centre, blames the lack of repairs on bad weather.

A spokesman said work cannot be carried out until there is a spell of sunshine. But once repairs can be started they will be paid for by the contractor

A spokesman for Culture and Sport, said: “The repair to the steps requires a sustained period of better weather and will be carried out in the immediate future.

“The cost is covered under the defect liability of the contractor.”