Friday, 1 April 2011

Save the Accord Centre

So two weeks ago the Accord Centre were sent a letter from the Council saying they would have to vacate the premises yesterday. But the place the Council was going to move everyone is having "financial difficulties". Anyways, the Centre is fighting back - follow their news on Facebook.


elizabeth lucas said...

think its terrible shutting accord for games car park and no centre to go to they the council dont think of adults with special needs after all they were there first

Burt Shane said...

Agreed Elizabeth. It seems that the "legacy" the Council keep going on about is one where the residents of the city watch their services disappear while contractors make easy money. Let's not let them away with it.

Wesley Greer said...

I think that it is terrible the way Adults with Learning Difficulties in the East end of Glasgow are being treated because of this. They always look forward to going to the accord centre and it gives them a break from their families for a couple of hours. They are the ones who are suffering the most because of this decision by Glasgow City Council. Shame on you Glasgow City Council.